The purpose of the Foundation is to make sure our children get the best possible education by supplementing public funds & programs, and promoting active involvement, innovation, collaboration and communication between all members of our community.

The Foundation was formed for the purpose of helping ALL students in ALL schools in our district achieve educational excellence. Equity in education is a goal everyone can get behind. And who doesn't want to see all students have an equal opportunity for success? RVEF wants to make sure that every student has the support they need to be successful and we help to ensure this by supplementally funding district wide programs. Funding comes in several forms and usually is implemented via staffing (i.e. salaries and/or professional development) and in supplies (single use or reusable).

Below you will find a variety of programs that RVEF has supported since its inception. As the district's needs change over time, the Foundation's goals also fluctuate. Partnering with the district as well as with our communtiy will ensure that together we identify which learning opportunities will best broaden and enrich our students' educational experiences.

In the 2019 - 2020 school year, the Rincon Valley Education Foundation donated a total of $47,200 to the Rincon Valley Union School District.  

Monies gifted helped to supplementally fund:

Science Facilitator Program


Science Facilitators helped to organize, maintain, and staff the elementary school science labs with hands-on, scienctific based instruction. 

Social Emotional Learning


One Kimochis kit was bought for each elementary school that serves TK-2nd grade. 

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Rincon Valley Charter Schools (RVCS) 

Distributed funds went to the cost of hosting Challenge Day or toward any program and materials whose curriculum is based on either science or the arts. 

Challenge Day is a workshop designed to support emotional well-being, building connection, resiliency and healing. 

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Fine Arts Day Program

Each elementary school was entitled to use their gift toward the cost of Art Docent stipends for this campus event. 

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Current Programs.

Rincon Valley Partnership (RVP)


The Musical Moments with Nancy program builds social and school readiness skills for toddlers and pre-schoolers through children's music and movement sessions.

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In the 2018 - 2019 school year, RVEF donated a total of $51,000 to RVUSD.  Monies gifted helped to supplementally fund the Science Facilitator Program, Fine Arts Day, and supplies and materials toward any program whose curriculum was based on either science or the arts for both RVCS campuses.


Since its inception, 

the Rincon Valley Education Foundation has contributed to the district in many ways. As needs change from year to year, so do the programs enhancements that RVEF provides supplemental funding for for. Here's what RVEF has done in the past 18 year.  RVEF has provided for 

  • Science Facilitators Program 
  • Art Docent Program 
  • Fine Arts Day 
  • Funding for each of the Middle School Sites 
  • Social Emotional Instruction and Supplies 
  • Grade Appropriate Science Assemblies at All Ten Schools 
  • Funding for Each Elementary School for Site Specific Needs (i.e. Theater Program at Madrone, Garden Coordinator at Spring Creek)