RVEF Funds Science Facilitators at Every Campus

Thanks to community and parent support, the Rincon Valley Education Foundation continues to fund the science facilitator program this school year. This program is unique to the Rincon Valley Union School District and provides a facilitator at each of the eight elementary schools in our district, 15 hours a week. The science facilitator essentially makes first rate science experiments possible in each classroom at their school site.

The science facilitator procures and prepares materials for each lesson using the school-wide science schedule which has been provided by the classroom teachers. He or she delivers the kit of materials to the classroom and collects it at the end of the lesson or unit. The science facilitator then replenishes the consumables and checks the equipment, repairing it if necessary. When the classroom teacher is in need of a second adult to "facilitate" a lesson, the science facilitator is available to help on a limited basis. The science facilitators meet once a month with the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum to provide consistency in the program district-wide and to develop effective and efficient practices in order to support a high quality hands-on science program.

If you believe, as we do, that state of the art science education is something we all need to support, please donate here.