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Online Directory Information

The Online Directory is LIVE!!!


RVEF has partnered with AtoZ Connect to bring you this school year’s directory.


Beginning in 2006, RVEF published a directory for every RVUSD school, helping to support and cultivate community. The directory was distributed free to over 3,450 families and was kept and referenced all year. We are excited to share that we are now using a web based system to allow parents to verify and edit their own directory listings.

RVUSD parents who opted to share their information (this form was found in the Online Parent Portal) for their school directory were sent an email asking to verify what's been entered. Once verified, they now have access to their school's directory.



If you didn’t receive an email request to join because you opted out OR you are new to the school, you can still sign up!

You can request to join through the atozconnect.com webpage. Just click on the "Don't have an account? Signup now" link on the bottom of the page.

Once accepted, an email providing a link to confirm your profile will be sent and you can edit your profile and decide to "hide" any information you don't want to be seen.
For example, if you don't want your address to be listed, you can hide it. BUT, you can keep your name, your phone number, email, and who your child is and their teacher.

Try it out and if you hit any snags, then let me know. RVEF is here to help!

Questions: contact Executive Director Megan Fonseca at