The purpose of the Foundation is to make sure our children get the best possible education by supplementing public funds & programs, and promoting active involvement, innovation, collaboration and communication between all members of our community.
Frequently Asked Questions

How does RVEF decide what to fund each year?
The Rincon Valley Education Foundation works in collaboration with the Rincon Valley Union School District to identify both the short and long term needs of our community and the process on how to accomplish that. The shared goal of ensuring that our students have an exemplary education filled with learning opportunities that broaden and enrich their lives keeps us on track to support the mission of educational excellence for all students.

Is RVEF an employee of RVUSD?
No, RVEF has received its determination letter from the State and the IRS and is officially a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. All contributions are tax-deductible. While RVEF works closely with RVUSD, the Foundation is an independent organization that supports but is separate from the school district.

What is the difference between RVEF and a PTA/PTO?
RVEF has the ability to fund salaries and therefore larger scale district wide programs. Parent clubs help to fund smaller, though no-less important needs such as field trips, assemblies, teacher stipends, campus beautification, and more. Our Rincon Valley public schools are fortunate to benefit from having both organizations invested in their success.

Do you have any volunteer opportunities?
We are looking for volunteers to help with programs, events, fundraising and more. To participate, please click below.