The purpose of the Foundation is to make sure our children get the best possible education by supplementing public funds & programs, and promoting active involvement, innovation, collaboration and communication between all members of our community.
2020-2021 Board of Directors & Staff
President: Amy Niesen
Vice President: Elizabeth Dalton
Treasurer: Christina Pezzolo
Secretary: Emily Asencio

Board of Directors:
Sarah Herrera
Sherina Saul
Carla Wiking

RVUSD Superintendant: Dr. Tracy Smith
RVUSD Trustee: Shelby Moeller

Executive Director: Megan Fonseca
Enrichment Coordinator: Catharine Hatcher-England
Megan Fonseca joined RVEF as the Executive Director in November 2018. Her love for RVUSD has grown through her experience as a classroom volunteer, Art Docent, Superintendent Parent Advisory Committee Representative, SITE Council Member, and PTA Executive Board President and Chairperson for Madrone Elementary where her two children attend.
She is a firm believer that it is our community’s responsibility to help develop our children’s innate qualities and to cultivate their learned abilities in order to positively change the world. Serving as the Executive Director will continue her on-going efforts to support what makes our RVUSD schools unique, driven, and purposeful.
RVEF at RVUSD's Welcome Back in August of 2019.
RVEF Board Members & RVUSD Superintendent Dr. Tracy Smith at the Montgomery Village Rockin' Concert Series in August of 2019. RVEF is honored to be chosen as a local nonprofit to host one concert's beverage booth each summer.
RVEF Executive Director Megan Fonseca with RVUSD Superintendent Dr. Tracy Smith and Parent Club Leaders at a Superintendent Parent Advisory Council (SPAC) meeting.
Cathy Hatcher-England, first introduced on July 1st as the new Enrichment Coordinator, is not new to RVUSD. In fact, she has volunteer taught in-class on several campuses, offered after school courses for over 12 years, and both of her daughters attended schools in our district where she was an active member of their parents clubs. Cathy has just retired from Sonoma State as the program coordinator for the EXCEL for Youth program (a program that offers over 50 classes each summer to students entering grades 4th-9th) and has an M.A. with an emphasis in interdisciplinary curriculum. Her passion for learning and desire to share that love with others has already made her an important asset to our community and we welcome her expertise and creativity wholeheartedly.
RVEF Executive Director Megan Fonseca speaking at a Back to School Night in 2019.


All meetings are open to the public and we welcome your input and involvement. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, meetings will be via Zoom and will start at 6:00pm.

May 24, 2021